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BBQ Rental

Now you can RENT your own barbeque cooking unit and host the neighborhood luau. Renting your cooker from Richmond Meat Packers gives you the ability to get the complete package from one custom processing store. We provide you with fresh hogs, freshly made sausages and a variety of satisfying stuffings to choose.

For a custom quote, please call the office. Tuesday through Saturday, 8am to 5pm. All prices are quoted based on total packages. This package price includes a your rental discount for purchasing your meat at Richmond Meat Packers. If you choose to provide your own meat, your rental is subject to additional fees.

All equipment rental is available for pickup on Thursday through Saturday, and due back on Tuesday. We are closed Sunday and Monday unless you make arrangements in advance.

All equipment must be returned CLEANED and in working order, including all accessories, the motor, cage including wing nuts. Your security deposit will be forfeited if you do not return the equipment in this manner.