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These are the different types of catering services offered:

  • Whole Pig Roasts
  • Chicken, Barbeque Ribs, Marinated Beef Party Roast, Steaks, Burgers, Hotdogs, etc.
  • Theme Roasts – Wild Game, Prime Rib dinners, Hawiian Lu’au


Many companies boast that they can meet your every catering need, but they leave out creativity and style. Richmond Meat Packer’s catering offers a unique and creative way to celebrate any occasion.

Whole Hog Roasting on Location

We arrive on location with the meat pre-cooked to specifications, ready to put on show for you and your guests’ entertainment. Many people underestimate the excitement that having a whole pig turning on a spit generates. This is the ultimate “cool factor” for any occasion, creating a memory that will always last.

Theme Roasts

If you want to customize your event, you can have a Hawaiian Luau, maybe host a Wild Game dinner for your local charity event, or have a Lamb Roast at Easter. With many to choose from, any theme can be accommodated.


Don’t limit yourself to just pig roasts, Richmond Meat Packers can cater all types of meats, a large variety of salads and other side dishes, no matter how big or small your event.