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Custom cut beef, pork and other market fresh animals. Make sure you ask about our group purchase plans. Prices based on individual purchases, hind and front quarter purchases, sides of beef, or whole cattle or pork purchases.

Because all of our orders are cut fresh not from a box, make sure you take advantage of Sordering your processing ahead of time and pick your order up frozen or cut fresh. You can even schedule your processing to watch as your beef or pork order is
processed while you wait.

Purchase by the cut. Our family has been cutting retail meats for almost 100 years. You can be sure your meat is aged and cut to perfection, or you can select which individual cuts you want to take with you that day. We have an unlimited selection of retail meat cuts.

Deer Processing

We cut and process YOUR deer and return YOUR deer! Every deer that enters the building is numbered and tagged to ensure your deer is returned to you. This has been a very important part of our process for over 40 years. We don’t just pile them all up in a trailer!

Because all of our orders are cut fresh, we make sure it stays that way by having a quick turn around time and vacuum sealing your meat. This keeps it from freezer burn or forming ice crystals on the meat.

Pricing – All prices are finished product weight

Standard Processing – $149.95 per deer

Smoked Venison Hams – $15.00 per ham

Cooked and ready Corned Beef – $25.00 per roast

Salami Summer Sausage – $15.00 per salami

Venison Smoked Jerky – $18.00 per pound

Venison Smoked Flat Stock Jerky – $15.00 per pound

Venison Smoked Hunters Sticks – $15.00 per pound

Venison Fresh Italian or Fresh Polish Links – $3.75 per pound

Venison Smoked Italian Italian or Smoked Polish Links – $4.50 per pound

Venison Buck Breakfast Sausage (1 lb packages) – $3.00 per pound

We have a flat processing fee of $149.95. This includes your boneless cuts, your ground venison and vacuum-sealed cuts of venison. Further, we can add pork or beef trim to your ground venison to ensure it doesn’t dry out when cooked. Finally, we have a variety of different processing options.

Our family has been cutting retail meats for almost 100 years. You can be sure that we take the greatest pride in your processing and hope to earn your referral business as well.