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We are open for business DESPITE what the government tells you!

Regular Business Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 5pm (NOTE: SAT 8-5 May 1 – OCT 31)

Sunday and Monday – CLOSED

(except during deer season Oct 1 – Dec 31 Sun 12-6 Mon 8-12 – DEER SEASON ONLY)


Richmond Meat Packers is proud to be serving our community as we celebrate our 120th year of quality and value to our customers!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our recently remodeled new store front. Our self serve retail front products include only the freshest meats and Crooked Creek dairy. We carry farm fresh eggs and Amish butter & cheeses. Our customers choose us because they know that when they come to Richmond Meat Packers they will always get the freshest meats, friendly family service and a great value.



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