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About Us

Richmond Meat Packers was originally established in the early 1950s, but the story really begins in 1902, Belgium – Europe.

Joannes (John) B. Evans owned a wholesale meat business in Belgium. Upon moving to the United States, he migrated to Michigan in 1912, and opened his first American wholesale meat company. Animals were frequently slaughtered on farms, slaughterhouses were still not very popular, then taken to the Eastern Market, in Detroit, to be inspected before sold to retail stores.

In 1930, Homer Evans, joined his father in the meat business and in 1940, they open a wholesale slaughterhouse north east of Detroit. This was one of the first Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) state inspected plants serving the area. The plant relocated in 1950, to a small rural town, Richmond, Michigan. The business, primarily wholesale, transferred the license to a wholesale/retail establishment. This founded the company Richmond Meat Packers, and they began meeting custom home freezer meat needs.

Joannes (Joe) B. Evans, a third generation meat cutter, took over the family business in 1975, carrying on the traditions that his grandfather John brought over from Belgium (1912). In 1977 a fire destroyed the slaughter plant in Richmond leaving Joe and his family the option of purchasing the retail plant that Homer had opened in the early 1960s; and in 1978 Joe took over the retail meat cutting operation. Since then, he has developed several new markets for the growing family business.

The family has been in the meat processing business for over 100 years. My brother Ryan and I have taken a vested interest in continuing our family business for many more years to come.

The unique experience begins with aging your beef, usually 10-12 days, then cut to your specifications. Pork is cut fresh; hams and bacon are cured and smoked at our facility using only the finest homemade blends of cures and seasonings. We still use real wood (apple, cherry or shaggy bark hickory) and hardwood sawdust for an all natural smoke flavor. We sharp freeze and vacuum seal all your meat so you get the best value that lasts and lasts in your freezer for months.

If you prefer, we can still wrap your meat in high quality classic white butcher paper. Remember when Grandma used to unwrap that Pot Roast on Sunday? That’s right, she bought it here.

Give our company a try, I am sure you will be satisfied with the end results. If you’ve been in recently, we thank you for your business, please tell a friend.